Stay Maroon!

I hate how the dress matches completely with my long ASOS gloves but I kinda got convinced with this matchy-matchy look for a change. I have some unconditional love for this dress. Its warm, perfect for winters and I love how the maroon (not oxblood) tartan print with leather patch pockets build-up sophistication.

Clicking yourself is tiring but it's equally rewarding to see how a look comes out on you.

I am wearing: Angora gloves from ASOS, sandals from CLARKS, thrifted tartan dress, bag from C.P.


The Two Newcomers!

My recent overload of blog reading has made me realize one thing, that anything and everything looks *chic* when one has the right heels paired with it. By right I mean understated but powerful footwear. The whole of last month I had been looking for good heels. And this disguising pair from CLARKS came to my rescue. They are high but don't feel like that when you wear them.

Even after being a flats-addicted girl, I still find these extremely comfortable. 

And I welcomed the winter with this impulsively bought ASOS snood. 

I am probably gonna wear the heels in the next post. 


Siri Fort

Hi friends... Back after almost a month long silence and it feels good..! It was a busy November for me. Ducky, my man behind the camera, finally made a visit to Delhi. And since we both are sports enthusiasts, we decided to get this done at the Siri Fort Sports Complex. Trust me; it’s one of the best hangout places in the city. The tranquil environment, the greens and the sports breathe a fresh life into you..!

It wasn’t that cold in the morning. I decided to wear a simple striped dress that I thrifted from Sarojini Nagar. Paired it with my years old Adidas Zipper Jacket.

Tell me what you think?

Although there was nothing really experimental about the look EXCEPT my new Reebok Red Indian cap! This ones' a newbie in my accessory drawer and it so happens that its the only cap I have so far..!! Thank God we have places like Sarojini in Delhi to satisfy my wardrobe hunger :-)

P.S. Apparently the dress is a fresh style from Hatley. Well ..@350, it seems I got a smart deal on this one ;)  

I am wearing, Pink Striped Hatley Dress, Boat Shoes, Adidas Zipper and Reebok Red Indian Cap.
Photo Credits & Post Production : Anirban 

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The Spirited Scarf Print

That feeling of joy when something in your lust list moves to your limited-collection rack, is so unexplainable! Since a week, that lil fashion devil inside me is having a ball out there! Yes, it all because of this scarf print top that I spotted just in time while I was strolling in Sarojini Nagar market. After a decent bargaining, I got it for mere 100 bucks! Although I have started feeling the chill in the air but couldn't resist trying this beautiful ornate-print tank. Paired it with bright red trousers and my wannabe beaded yellow belt (this too was thrifted in just 70 bucks). 

                                           And here's how the look came out!

Let me tell you a bit about scarf prints. These got very popular in the Eighties and have made a huge comeback. It’s been now seen on everything from bags, dresses, shirts, jackets & even footwear!

This beaded piece gets all the attention because of its wildly bright colour. A good way to face-lift even the dullest of outfits.

I am wearing: A Scarf Print Multi-Colour Tank, Crimson Red Trousers, Red crystal and brass beaded bracelet and a bright yellow beaded belt.
Photo Credits: Me 
Editing: Anirban
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To Frida, with all my heart!

Hello World, here I write!

After deleting the first line, a thousand times, I with all the jitters, confusions, excitement and a much faster heart beat, say a big hello to all those who love fashion or have even the slightest interest in it.

They say, when confused then listen to your heart. And came Frida! One woman who inspires me the most. She gives me a sense of liberation with her ‘take me as I am’ attitude. I just loooove her style. Her uni-brow,  prominent mustache &  floral headgear has a forever-fresh feel to it. Her style is a surreal mix of sharp and soft. Very intriguing! Here I try (just try) to look like her.

Frida Kahlo, is and will always be my muse.

All the pictures are clicked by me and edited by Ducky ( His name is Anirban but i like to call him that), a brilliant photographer. Stay tuned, a lot of his amazing work is on the way!

P.S. Anyone who has not seen Frida (the movie) is truly missing something!

I am wearing: A self-designed Linen long dress, vintage perforated wooden choker, Frida Kahlo brooch (bought from Etsy.com) and camel leather bag from Udaipur.

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