Sneak-er Peaks

Zara top
Nike sneakers

 I never in my wildest of imaginations thought that the whole sneaker thingy will become this huge one day. Yesteryears when our dads and uncles use to offend fashion by teaming sport shoes with formal wear is now happening again on the western streets. And we are now finding this way beyond cool. I mean lace dress or suit paired with bizzare coloured sneakers is suddenly cool now?! Nevertheless, taking all the advantage of this micro-trend, I am totally taking a break from my stilettos this summer. Which reminds me that I have just one 2-year-old pair in my shoe rack...but hey! Isn't the sale still on?!


Golden Moments

Zara Skirt
Wittner Heels
Thrift Bracelet
Timex Watch

The gold tone separate that I wear here was bought from Melbourne. Its box pleat detailing instantly made me fall for it. All I could do is quietly hand over my card to the merchant while doing the permutation-combination of it with the bottoms in my wardrobe. 


Thumb print nail art

I end up spoiling my nail paint every time I try putting it. The impatient me can't wait for it to get dry. A while back the same thing happened and I out of anger spoiled it completely. Being too lazy to take the mess off, I kinda started liking the texture it gave to my nails.

This uncanny nail-art incident made me do this DIY. Most of you might not like it but I had to blog out this idea stuck in my head since then. No brushes required. All you need is your thumb :)


Turn it on maxi-mum

H&M Ear Cuff 

River Island Boots (Now on sale)

Even the best of the best branded outfits cannot beat the pleasure that I get when I buy a thrifted piece. I get really finicky about quality and fit when it comes to clothes but give it a break while I shop at export surplus markets in Delhi. Buying this maxi was a risk; fit wise but I took my chances. The dress turned out to be in the next size of mine but some alteration made it almost like a made-to-measure piece.
This dress is going to occupy space in my summer wardrobe. Wearable anywhere, airy enough for this clammy weather and covers-up generously too.

Here’s how I will style a printed maxi

Maxi is one of the few outfits that can be put into the phrase ‘when in doubt wear a…..’.  It hides all body flaws just so perfectly.

Since it is in print, I choose not to disturb the print with any chunky accessory.

I always follow the rule of adding at least one striking element (good or bad) to my look so I put on this ear cuff at one side, keeping my hair at the other side. I tried to get half shaved long hair look. Striking enough!!

I don’t know if the choice of footwear is justifying the look but the animal print & its colour felt right with the tropical print of the dress.


Aztec Summer

Marks & Spencer Linen Pants
Aldo Head Band
H&M Sunglasses

It was a mango orchard and we were climbing trees!
Visiting Bhagaan was a much needed retreat in the scorching Delhi heat. The greens, heavy chirping, tree climbing, and of course plucking mangos took me back to my kiddo days. The place had a pool too and surprisingly no one else was checked in while we were there. I was on a heavy dose of peace but still got along a lot of memories.

Style wise I kept it all white and pastels in over sized silhouettes and chill-pill linens. The Aztec crop top was a gift from my mom-in-law... Yes, I was also equally surprised like you are right now..!