Vintage Scarf
This white lace dress is a dream! A fine chantilly-esque piece that feels like butter when it touches the skin and makes me feel so special. Not falling for it would be unreal. But wearing it the way it is doesn't justify my style. So I decided to play around with it! :)
Isn't the dress over pants combo the most interesting fashion lesson of this season? And by the look of this, I feel this trend is going to take over all my layering lessons so far. Not only is it keeping me shielded from the chill but also deepens my ever growing love for layering. The gorgeous dress came with a slip but was naturally replaced with the leatherette pair you see me wearing. Leather and lace, a perfect case of attracting opposites. They cannot stay away from being together. So, all I did was follow their vibe. 



Handmade leather bag from Auroville
I and prints have been in a casual affair ever since it all started. Have been times when I didn't want to see any prints in my closet and now it looks like I have fallen back for them. Went bonkers for this floral print pair when I first spotted it at Topshop. But then I ask myself that is it the new 70's wave that I am caught up in? My Bohemian side is experiencing a serious fondness for beautiful prints. I at times crave for neon to make a comeback. To put it simply, I am all for this mish-mash of the bygone and the new.


Marysville in Fall

Himachal cap (Picked from India)
Tailor-made denims

Kicked off the awaited Easter weekend with a trip to Marysville. And yet again I was amidst Mother Nature, this time in it's colourful best. Mustard, yellow, green, oxblood, all fall hues came alive as I walk passed them wearing my Himachal cap. An accessory this colourful did not require much other than some solid black. And look! I am back in my cool comforting pyjama denims. Just a 70's approach to do this long weekend. I am physically home but my heart still desires to visit the vineyards that I missed on my way. Can assure that I will see myself Instagram-ing there real soon!