Rains again

Here's a quick ootd. Black, white and some rain. Another snippet added to my diary of personal style. White Tee and bag is from Zara. First-time-featuring (which I apparently wear atleast thrice a week) black skirt is from Fabindia. And handmade flats are from Pondicherry.


St. Kilda Festival 2015

My blogger daydream of visiting a Coachella-esque event came alive last Sunday. St. Kilda Festival became a mirror image of palm tree rows with a retro giant wheel behind. It was a real treat to all my weekdays-sucked organs. Kickass-ingly foot tapping music, Pinterest-worthy street style, appetizing boards directing towards free watermelon (which we couldn't get to eat by the way) and fabulous Aussie summer to go along... all of this was happening right next to the beach., awesome sauce..! 


Missing India

H&M top
Skirt from Dastkaar
Forever 21 lace-ups
Bag bought from Udaipur
 To start with; I am missing India, specially the Suraj Kund mela fair. It began on 1st February and is up till 15th of this month. From queuing with my school mates while walking through each stall to finishing all my savings on craft and street food when I just started earning, I have memories of all my SKM visits. Never did it happen that I am at my folks place and missed going to this festive event.

They call it summer here but surprisingly the degree of heat (current temperature being 17 degrees C) is not even close to Delhi summer. So wearing black in this season is actually comforting.
Talking about black, this tribal black skirt was bought from Dastkaar, another fair that happens in metro cities across India and is a must-visit event. Of all the stuff I have in my wardrobe, the oldest ones are mostly bought from such fairs. So if you are in and around Delhi or NCR, a visit to Suraj Kund should be on your To-do this weekend.