Welcoming layers

Got new boots! Remember me mentioning about these in this post? I was eyeing on the studded ones but found this to be the perfect pair for introducing blue in my shoe closet. It's a navy in suede and leather combo and I love it! They came last weekend...so a little stiff right now but I couldn't wait to take these out with me on Saturday. It's worth getting a blister for brand new boots...isn't it! And I couldn't ask for a nicer weather. Morning started with a chill that got me into layers but in a few hours it turned into a perfect sunny day. Ask me how to under-dress a skater dress and I have the answer. Denims, boots, scarf, coat...You've all got it covered! I did peel them off once I soaked enough sun. Everybody was seen layering around in kimonos, gilets and mufflers. Like all black with a little pop of colour around the neck or stocking meeting fur meeting print - all in one outfit. And Hats! Lots of hats. Well, I can only continue writing my love for layering.


The Tree of Us

Bag from Auroville
I am one of those newly-turned-non-vegetarian vegetarians who has tried salami but will always hesitate at first and who possibly loves chicken more than born meat eaters but will frown at the sight of 'lovely legs'... 
Yes it's a complicated affair... but an unplanned visit to a small cozy cafe in Melbourne has possibly settled this. The Tree of Us sounds like just one of the many thousand bistro cafes in Melbourne with a name that has a touch of bohemian spirit. You may not even think highly of the place where its located. But... BUT, when you dig into that burger they serve, the one single thought that strikes you is that when did I last taste something this awesome..! Its a burger that fills your hands, your mouth and your tummy in a way that burgers are meant to... since then I am not surprised to learn that this is a burger-lovers paradise. We tried 'Break the Fast' and one of their 'Specials' and got lost in the flavours. While still feeling my mouth water after finishing it, I can honestly say that I am converted.

Another attention-worthy thing besides 'Break the Fast' is my new Monki jumper. With waves all over, its going to be my new cover up for the upcoming beach holiday.


Take a chance

A confession. I have watched 500 Days of Summer a hundred times. More than I adore watching Joseph Gordon's dimples, my eyes stuck on Zooey Deschanel's cute bangs. And every time after have finished watching the movie, rolling-front-hair-into-fringe session have always followed. Anyway, bangs are all-cute but I absurdly believe that one needs to have golden hair, tiny leaf-like lips and a thin face to look born-with-bangs. At least thrice I have talked myself into getting it done but it was twice that the stylists majorly showed their doubts. The third time I went to an icecream parlour instead. Just this time a friend really convinced me to try getting them at least once. The thought really hit me. If they don't look good, my hair will not stop growing. I took a chance. Chose Shibui as the salon I could trust on. And here I am, smiling under this soft bush, loving it every time I brush it with my hands. Guessing this one is going to stick around for a longer time.


But first, boots

I am such a shoe crazy girl! Forever searching for cool pairs online. It's not even been 3 months that I bought these and the hunt has started again. I just look at my husbands face when he asks me "Do you really need them?" It's annoying! I mean this fetish for shoes. Anyways, I very shamelessly share what I have been eyeing on. Some look pretty wearable, couple of them are on sale. The red velvet booties are my faves. Do you like any of them? 


The chocolaterie visit


There is too much to see in and around Melbourne. I am taking it slowly and ticking off one place at a time. The amazing part about visiting any place here is the number of times you would want to pull over before you reach your destination. One such visit was the Yarra Valley chocolate factory. On our way we spotted several Kangaroos hopping together in fields, clear ponds reflecting the warming sun rays and horses galloping so perfectly that it almost seemed like a painting. So after a good amount of pull overs, we finally reached the factory. You enter the premise and first thing, you get to taste the chocolates for free! And it's seriously delicious. No I mean I have tasted chocolates of all kinds but there chocolate is even more satisfying that the forever loved Lindt. Tanzania, Madagascar, Venezuela, they've got it all from the chocolate capitals of the world.

The dress that I wore on this weekend trip is a tailor-made piece. Guys, next time instead of buying a dress, get it stitched. It is so exciting to wear a garment that's fabric, design, length and even fit is selected by you. And the great part is that nobody but only you own a piece like that. I know the quality of stitching matters but there's no harm taking a risk. Find out who can stitch it for you. If the fit goes wrong, try a different tailor but do give it a shot. It's way cheaper than the Zaras and the Mangos. I don't remember how many times strangers here have stopped me and asked about this dress here.


Summer chill

Strangely, this time, God heard me when I unknowingly wished for winter during the suppose-to-be-sunny times of Melbourne. The Aussies love their summers and will hate me if they read this. No wonder, this is the coolest summer witnessed in 40 years. The outerwear could hardly make it to the drycleaners.

So, I here am, layering in all its glory. All dark hues with a stark patch of white covering high till the neck. And how about maxi skirt replacing distressed denims? It’s sexier than those overseen torn patches. If only you keep the boots on.