In this case!

Puma iPad case

Continuing my review on Puma's Autumn/Winter collection with their stunning iPad cases this time. Minimal design in solid colour, this iPad has taken my sportluxe fixation to the next level. Easy to carry and to get striked by everyone! Isn't it?!


Spook Subaru


Jacket: Puma
heeled Sneakers: Puma

In addition to the stuff that I styled for Puma here, this jacket too caught my attention when I visited their outlet. This print was specially created for the Subaru range by Puma. They call this print 'zombie-fied Dave Mirra' in a nod to the team cars' Zombie Cat graphics. Well, the print certainly lives up to its name! And I am certain to celebrate Halloween throughout the winter with this oversized beauty on me.

P.S. The jacket is from Puma menswear collection. :P