Oh Fridays!

Bag (Local find from Auroville)
If we consider time, then going on dates with my husband is relatively quicker than how I did it while seeing him. I believe that you never dress badly (never according to him (he dare!)) rather you do it more quick-chic-ly . 
Playing a bed bug lately, I, post my C T M routine, hit the mattress and browse the Internet out of it. Although on early Friday evenings, my husband asks me out on a date. And instead of doing it the I-am-almost-there way, I mostly sneak out in house shorts (ofcourse I dress it up). In minutes I leave the house and fraction of seconds it takes to make him smile. 


First drops of drizzle

I don’t even realize to capture some of my most interestingly-put-together looks. They are like amazing moments that just pass by and me instead of social-media them, live them. But this time, I (acting like a full-time blogger), remembered to get this one clicked before hitting a day party. It’s a shirt (I call it my rickshaw shirt) that I wore over a shirt dress. And while the camera chased the colours of this dream Quirkbox piece, it began to drizzle. Brights, water splashes, heels! The party was already underway. 


Self loving

It's possibly impossible that my birthday comes and I don't think of shoes. Off late I am stuck on all things Indo-bohemian and Free People ( bet you will fall in love with everything on this website). So after a long hunt for clogs, I bumped into these. Fish scale texture with zipper details, something that I haven't come across while passing by endless Birks and Dr. Martens here. Got these, the two cutest pairs of socks and Lennons.  It was a celebration indeed.

P.S. Free People also ships to India.


It's all for comfort...

Inner - H&M racer-back
Dress - Nevada (vintage)
Shoes - Nike
Sunglasses - Aldo
I see everybody wearing sneakers here in Melbourne. Sometimes I even see people wearing active wear to office. We have been naming it sporty chic, luxe sport, minimal or give it the latest 'it' term, #normcore, but it all unjumbles to comfort. I wonder how much business the sporty chic trend has given to the likes of Nike and New Balance. These brands have now come up with trainers in muted and pastel tones unlike their bright classics. I guess, who cares as long as they can replace heels. Well, I am resisting to stay away from this new tide in the fashion ocean. So saying no to the not-made-for-running trainers, I will work my regular Nike shoes to run around for groceries.