And there will be shoes!

Mesh Sandals: Wittner
Black Pumps: New Look

 Melbourne got me exposed to a lot of things which I only saw in pictures. I found out that there are places where almost everybody (including beggars too) is stylish. I lived my dream to dress in my own style every single day. This temporary freedom resulted in a not so pocket-friendly purchase of two pairs of shoes. I went to see almost thrice to the store but  just thought of being more sure if I should buy it or not...and I bought it.

The one with mesh detailing is from Wittner which was on 50% sale but still costed a bomb. And after a lot of self-brainstorming I concluded that I don't want to regret not buying these before I leave Melbourne.... so I handed over the credit card to the attendant :)

The second is an overseen pair of patent black pumps which I bought because 'I needed these' ( a standard shoe-lover phenomenon)!  :)

Although this was a huge investment in my shoe closet but I rather buy one quality pair than wasting money on 10 cheap ones. ..oops.. let me correct that.. I meant 2 quality pairs... :P

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Canvas Shoes: Converse
Spikes Necklace: Just Jeans
Leggings: Cotton On (Available Online)
Puffed Jacket: Nike
Sling Bag: Sisley 
Denim Shirt: Thrifted

My current stay in Melbourne reminded me of the bygone times when Converse high tops, black nails and an over sized Tee use to be my everyday uniform. While packing, I don't know what made me add this old pair of canvas shoes to the bag. And surprisingly I replaced it with the only pair of heels I was planning to get here. That's the power of a Converse. It's so seasonless! and becomes better while it gets old.


Oriental Accents?!

Earrings: Tibetan Plaza
Clutch: River Island
Tapestry Vest: Etsy.com
Crop Top: ASOS

This outfit was shot on the day when Alex Ferguson quit Manchester United. 

Not that I am a football follower but I am amused how strongly my guy feels for this team. The same day when at night this news broke, I for one of the rarest times saw an excessively surprised expression on Ducky's face. This is how I remember the day we did this. :)

Coming back to what the title of the post reads - Oriental Accents. Why I chose to do this? Well.. my honesty pushes me to tell you that it is not because I did a lot of research on the latest in fashion and neither was it a result of an epiphany . I am not even sure whether it actually has an Oriental vibe to it at all. The only thing that influenced me to add a winged eyeliner and center parting to the outfit was a new pair of earrings bought from the Tibetan plaza in Bangalore. I believe that the Oriental filigree design is inspired by the Eastern art that still prevails in Tibet. Apparently in Spring/Summer 2013 fashion week, a lot of designers took inspiration from the Orient.

No matter how much contemporary fashion fancies us, it can never replace the beauty and originality of old designs. Isn't it? And last month a tapestry vest from Etsy.com satisfied my hunger for the vintage. The pleasure of owning this piece is still lingering on my mind.

The rest is a crop top from ASOS that I use like a Sari blouse when I am on Bangalore streets. And patent black parallel pants that I bought from Marks and Spencer.

Here goes the look. Is it Oriental in any way? Yes/ No/May be/ What the hell is wrong with you Shelly?

Tell me!


From Bata, With Love!

Yes I know that I shouldn't be talking about any of the everywhere seen, available, mass products on my supposedly presumed high-street-style blog but if I don't then I will be fooling myself. May be I am a little too late to talk about the most seen footwear on Indian streets. Everyone knows about the perforated plastic ballerinas from Bata!

My relocation from Delhi to Bangalore (coz I just got married!) made me notice a lot of difference in how north and south Indians do their everyday dressing. But the moment I saw this girl wearing these at a bus stop. It uncannily made me nostalgic about me leaving my hometown and shifting to B'lore for good. There have been days in Delhi when I had seen them on every 10th female I came across. Lame but a reason good enough for me to mention it here, on the blog.
It's strange how some designs move our everyday life. Bata ballerinas did it in the true sense of the same!


Tassels All The Way!

Tassels, one of the many trends that came and passed us by right after 2013 Spring/Summer collections hit the news. It happened mostly because of it’s easy-to-get-tangled nature. But maybe that’s why it took my attention. They move when you your body moves, get meshed up when worn too carelessly and swooshes in the air like beach waves...but they happen to be just the right thing when you want to hit that music event. Although, I didn't style it that way. Thought of letting just the tassels do the talking! And here goes the look!

I kept it simple with a River Island sling bag and Charles & Keith mesh sandals. These shoes are painfully pointy but sturdy enough to take my weight.

I am wearing: Charles & Keith Sandals, Levis skinnies, River Island Bag and Tassels Top from ASOS.

Tassel trends around the globe in Spring/Summer 2013
Photo Courtesy: Pinterest