Annie met Frida

 Artiara Headband
 Tailor-made shirt
 Marks & Spencer men's pants
 Vintage sequins waistcoat
 ASOS T-bar sandals

Trends come, go and come again but classics are classics. This not only applies to fashion but also to personalities and characters. Two of these that resonate in my style are Frida Kahlo and Annie Hall. Infact the blog began with a post on Frida Kahlo. Frida’s strong personality is reflected by how she dresses. She is the only one who with flowers on her head can look so powerful. Likewise, if you have seen Annie Hall then you a touch of Frida in her, in a contemporary way though. Annie has got this curiosity to explore the unknown. She has a careless mannish way of dressing up yet she looks attractive. Her androgynous style sense justified her risk-taking character aptly.

Coming back to the post, just when I received this rosette headgear from Artiara, the probable options of styling it began in my head. Rosettes could only make me think of something dainty and feminine. But like last time when I was in a similar confusion, both of these fave ladies rescued me. After seeing the above pictures I could assure myself that I wouldn't have done justice to this beautiful Artiara piece in any better way.

P.S. Thanks Richa for this pretty gift! I can now celebrate Christmas wearing this all day long.


Kitsch is Tarah

It seemed that my desire to visit some of my favourite off-beat Delhi shopping spots, viz. Delhi Haat and Paharganj, was heard by Bangalore… albeit briefly.  The Kitch Mandi hit the town a few days back and it did great to satisfy my urges. Apart from being a melting point for kitschy goodies, the place was full of beautiful people and yummy food! Also how many places would you find in the country where you are allowed to freely shpr with a chilled beer in your hands..?! .. Awesome..! Pebbles Palace ground was turned into a bright colour palette where everyone was just chilling.

It was the concept of the place that was really refreshing. Like all I too got some cool stuff and equally amazing memories back home.


Not so sweet strawberries

Shirt: Marks & Spencer
ASOS crop top
Thrifted skirt
ASOS booties
I don’t know if should talk about my addiction for all-things-cropped or this vintage denim skirt that got my eye in a hustle. The fact of this ensemble is that the skirt is ideal for the raised hem of the top. Like all of you shy comrades of mine, I too took support of some 'smart layering'. So got my side waist sorted with a long shirt. My go-old crossbody bag’s strap kinda rescued the center. So you see; it ain’t that tricky to wear the crop trend after all.




In this case!

Puma iPad case

Continuing my review on Puma's Autumn/Winter collection with their stunning iPad cases this time. Minimal design in solid colour, this iPad has taken my sportluxe fixation to the next level. Easy to carry and to get striked by everyone! Isn't it?!


Spook Subaru


Jacket: Puma
heeled Sneakers: Puma

In addition to the stuff that I styled for Puma here, this jacket too caught my attention when I visited their outlet. This print was specially created for the Subaru range by Puma. They call this print 'zombie-fied Dave Mirra' in a nod to the team cars' Zombie Cat graphics. Well, the print certainly lives up to its name! And I am certain to celebrate Halloween throughout the winter with this oversized beauty on me.

P.S. The jacket is from Puma menswear collection. :P


A day in shorts

 I am wearing Shopnineteen shorts, Zara top, ASOS suspenders and vintage brogues.

I am not really a shorts person but not because I don't love wearing them. I have always believed that my legs are too fat to wear shorts. Thanks to my friends who keep assuring me that I am absolutely fine to wear them (Am I?(still thinking)). Nevertheless, a belief is a belief but getting this printed piece from Shopnineteen made me stick to my thoughts on shorts yet convinced me to buy it. It's the length you see! This means that perfect harmony exists...yes it does at least when I am browsing Shopnineteen.

P.S. Just when I was trying to find the link to shorts, I found these


Loosing tracks

Track Pants: Puma
Blazer: Puma
Top: Zara
Sandals: Charles & Keith

The current mish-mash state of fashion has given me all the reasons to combine elements from multiple spheres and, as a result, the chances of getting things right (in a wrong way or vice-versa) seem much more. In my recent collab with Puma, I got to pick up some stuff from their A/W 2013 collection. And look what I ended up doing with these. Don't be fooled by the gym wear!! This look seems perfect even when something like track pants are worn with blazer and heels. We ain't need more explanation, do we?!



Dress: Shopnineteen
I have never underestimated the power of online shopping but the happiness that you get when you open the order, wear the product and see that it looks like a made-to-order piece does not happen all the time. Isn’t it? Furthermore when the question ‘what do I pair it with?’ gets numberless answers right after you twist a couple of times in front of the mirror, is splendid! Well, the above few lines explains the pleasure I got when I wore this Shopnineteen dress that I recently got. Right size, fit, length, coverage and pockets (correct me if I missed something) are what I wanted in my new day dress!


Best of WIFW Spring/Summer 2014 Day 1

Day one of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week was a concentrated juice of inspiration. Out of ten shows, these were a few styles that got me thinking about my style plans for the next summer. See! I have already started planning! :D


Autumn/ Winter by Puma

Like always Puma surprised me again. With the release of their Autumn/Winter collection the brand showcased a whole new theme this time. Some of the stuff is so good that I couldn't resist styling a few faves. Up first is the spilled skull print jacket from the Subaru collection that almost made me skip a heartbeat. No seriously, do you expect a sport wear brand to go this print-crazy? It's mostly colours (brights in this sense) that they experiment with. Furthermore, the animal print track pants were a spot-on right when I saw it in the outlet.
ok! Who else has been looking for wedge sneakers (not the overseen Velcro strap ones)? For me it all ended when I spotted a exactly-what-I-wanted Puma pair in their lookbook. Nothing says SEXY quite like it. Now shopping can't be stopped, won't be stopped!! :D


Playing Plaid

Roadmap backpack
Vintage dress
Marks and Spencer stripes top
Wittner shoes
Scarf: Surajkund Fair
The moment I decided to order this backpack from KOOVS, I could picture myself pairing it with something in plaid. Leather, plaid, cone studs has been topping my wishlist since quite sometime and guess this Roadmap backpack made it come true. Now how stripes ended up being in the look was only because of my habit of taking risk when I dress up. And I guess the risk turned out to be worth-taking. What say?