Anokhi button down dress
Old juttis (bought from Amritsar)
Silver finish kamarbandh
A big hello from Melbourne! What's up with everyone? Well, I have been managing to survive in a hotel since over a month. Not only because H&M is right opposite this place, Topshop is less than fifty meters away and Acne is on the way to the grocery store. It is the ever evolving fashion of CBD that hits me the moment I step out of the hotel. 

All this while I have been in a learning mode. Getting to know the places around, become more comfortable with the au dollar, cooking almost everyday and of course, hunting for a decent house. 

Spring time has officially begun in Aussie land, although the chill is yet to bid adieu. Thankfully last Sunday gave a great summer preview and resisting to celebrate the bloom of flora here couldn't have possibly happened. Dressing up in pink rose print, belted with kamarbandh and jadau juttis, was how I did it.