Annai Leather

Visited my restful retreat, Auroville over the weekend some days back. The place is well known for its leather and if you take a stroll around Auroville you'll find innumerable small shops with artisans busy making bags, footwear and other leather accessories. This one shop, Annai Leather, has become one of my must-visit shops every time I am here. I don't need to recommend this guy to anyone. Apparantly, his work has crossed international boundaries and has been walking on the fashionable streets of cities like Paris and Milan. He will take the challenge of all kinds of flat sandals and shoes. Here's a glimpse of my new addition straight from his hands.


Poka shell paranda

Thrifted sunglasses
Forever 21 boots
Toe rings worn as midi rings
A sort of grunge one for this week. I am still flirting with the idea of adding little doses of Indian accents to my style. The poka shell paranda is actually a belt that I picked up from Soul Sante (I have a few more Soul Sante surprises due to share). My uncanny teenage dream of having long braid with a paranda hanging in the end seems to have come true. 


New vintage

Vintage denim maxi dress
Zara top
ASOS booties
Got this vintage denim dress a while back from Delhi but never got a chance to put it up here. The last button is missing and that area has got distressed with time. Armhole seems to be a bit bigger and the adjustable strap at the back doesn't really adjust the waist too well. Yet this piece has become BFFs with quite a lot of tops I own. Here I have tied an old scarf around my waist for a Bohemian vibe. It's giving a whole new dimension to the denim. Isn't it?...Your thoughts?