Hat and top: Zara

To the times when I use to see everything as noir. The monochrome mania didn't even leave me at beach side and replaced most of my brights with either black or white. For me the trend became a starting point of all things minimal-marrying-edgy. Monochrome, you will always be remembered as the turning point of my style and I will be throwing-back to you, time and again!


The unusual usual

Chessboard, stripes, monochrome, sequins? Something unusually usual came on board my closet. It demanded some hide-and-seek phenomena before the full show. Hope you get equally teased as I was while tearing the package apart. Once again, cheers to online shopping!


Layered thoughts

Dress and Jacket: Blueprint Coleccion
Whenever any trend hits the ‘it’s-big-right-now’ list internationally, I start imagining how I can put it into action with the Indianized parallels existing in my wardrobe. One of these is a Blueprint dress that evens out my trove (wardrobe) swelling with innumerable bottoms and another are the countless ethnic neckpieces lying in my jewellery drawer.

So everything layered is also in the ‘it’s-big-right-now’ list and the other day when I got up to style this dress, I thought of layering all this together! This epiphany struck me when I was trying out a few necklaces. Piling one on another made the whole thing looked so perfectly-put-together. Lesson: If one necklace doesn't stand out, layer all of it together! Also, in the season made for layering, this dress layered under a jacket, accessorized with necklaces can become a style statement on a date and a head turner at a party.

The print of the dress reminds me of a time. Couple of years back when I was slightly plum (I am a good-old lover of all things high-calorie) then the only way I disguised that was with prints. There’s no denying the fact how prints perfectly accompany excessive bulges. And since the holiday season (a.k.a the hogging season) is still lingering on my mind, I am frequently going to be seen layered in prints and all.


Inspiration- February '14

Apart from by-the-wearing my own style, I would also be making a note of what inspires me. Hope you guys too get inspired! I should be doing this every week right?!



Shirt dress and jacket: Splash

Spotting a dream shirt dress in Splash was nothing less than a dream coming true. Among all the trend-shouting stuff, this classic piece of beauty, modestly hung at one side kinda whistled at me just when I unknowingly crossed it. I turned, the blue, the length, the material, immediately made me take it to the trial room. Trust me I can't begin to tell how many ways I imaged it to be on me! :D

P.S. The waistcoat just went along too well with one of the imagined probabilities. Not my fault!


O Sole Mia!

Year by year I have pushed my shopping boundaries but have never in my life felt so contented like I feel as 2014 began. The urge of just expanding my wardrobe is no longer there (now that my man’s wardrobe is also getting used). I feel like that is an achievement in itself for a woman..! And I am in the mood to celebrate this new me through Bythewear. 

Wow times have been crossing by me since the New Year started. I recently got to style Mia's latest collection and chose a pair of earrings and a ring. Like my humble basics, their designs too were striking yet simple that all I had to do is just wear and let them speak for themselves. The designs so effortlessly became a part of all my looks. 

Out of their latest collection, picking up these pieces came as reflex. The not-so-perfectly done circular design of the earrings reflected my not-so-proper style aptly. Equally outstanding was the ring! Diamante studded polygonal ends, not meeting unlike other everyday rings. Where do find such contemporary designs in India?!

Essentially this post demands major attention from our men. Boys! If you are struggling with what-to-gift-her dilemma then Mia is one word that you need to google. Mia offers 14 karat gold jewellery instead of the pocket-bombarding 22 karat and being a Tanishq brand it clears all our doubts of authenticity too. Now you know where to turn your steering for every Happy ‘whatever’ day! :D And happy ‘her’ many a times equal a happy life!