Mood Monochrome

I too got taken over by the monochrome trend. I wonder when black and white became monochrome. The duo belongs to everybody on the planet! I mean we all have plenty of times paired black upper with white bottoms and vice versa. All thanks to our designers who have reincarnated the best known colour couple in such an edgy way.

And this absolutely wonderful dress that I was eyeing on since months is finally in my wardrobe. Its monochrome shades, mesh fabric, contrast interlocking and not to forget contrast zipper have stolen my heart.

A dress that reveals and covers you at the same time; this might be uncannily the sexiest dress that I have so far.

And hey..! the Monoplay trend is among the new outfits for the 2013 pring/Summer collection by KOOVS ! these are now live on the brand’s racks, so pick it up if you too have fallen for monochrome.


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    1. Hey Joy! Thanks a lot for appreciating!:)

  2. That dress is lovely. Where is it from, Shelly?

    1. Hi! This dress is from ASOS.COM

      Here's the link: