Turn it on maxi-mum

H&M Ear Cuff 

River Island Boots (Now on sale)

Even the best of the best branded outfits cannot beat the pleasure that I get when I buy a thrifted piece. I get really finicky about quality and fit when it comes to clothes but give it a break while I shop at export surplus markets in Delhi. Buying this maxi was a risk; fit wise but I took my chances. The dress turned out to be in the next size of mine but some alteration made it almost like a made-to-measure piece.
This dress is going to occupy space in my summer wardrobe. Wearable anywhere, airy enough for this clammy weather and covers-up generously too.

Here’s how I will style a printed maxi

Maxi is one of the few outfits that can be put into the phrase ‘when in doubt wear a…..’.  It hides all body flaws just so perfectly.

Since it is in print, I choose not to disturb the print with any chunky accessory.

I always follow the rule of adding at least one striking element (good or bad) to my look so I put on this ear cuff at one side, keeping my hair at the other side. I tried to get half shaved long hair look. Striking enough!!

I don’t know if the choice of footwear is justifying the look but the animal print & its colour felt right with the tropical print of the dress.


  1. WOW, Love love love the styling, the ear cuffs are to die for Shell, but the best part for me would be the footwear, it's ankle lenght and flat, and still making you look so serene n tallish.

    Another fabulous post.

    P.S.You think I'll be able to carry something like that? In my height?

    1. Why not mosh! As I said when in doubt wear a maxi...doing a side braid can be an alternative for the hair style I did. It's the length of the dress that's making me look tall. Maxi is must try this summer! Go for it!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! The ear cuff is beautiful
    Emma x

  3. Love your blog and your pictures are beautiful!
    This tropical maxi is gorgeous, where in Delhi is it from?
    Following you!

    Best Regards

    1. Thanks! The dress is from Sarojini Nagar :)

  4. in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

    lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
    casper&pearl blog

  5. great pictures:)

    hope you visit my page.


  6. The right word is Stunning!

    Love this pics!Really amazing

    You know to be elegant and casual at the same time!

    Would you like follow each other? I'll be sooo glad =) Let me know


  7. very beautiful i must say!

  8. U know, I just wanna Hit sarojini right now ! The title is just apt for this dress, its surely a turn on piece.And I love the whole styling part as well !

  9. I love..love ..love this look.
    Keep rocking.