Print Play

Jumpsuit: ASOS
Top: Marks & Spencer (Vintage)
Pumps: Marks & Spencer
Watch: Timex
Earrings: Accessorize
Lipstick: Orange by Chambor

After a long time I had real fun during a shoot. I am those shy kinds who would distort my face the moment I get in front of the camera. But he always manages to get pictures as if I am really camera friendly. Well.. this shoot was like those rare quicky ones that happen after a lazy Sunday brunch. The theme is all about florals and prints fusing-in. No r&d really.., it felt right at the moment and the place added to the look too..!


Stop being so formal!

Tailor made pants: Mohan Singh Place
Bag: Sisley
Ring and necklace: Lovisa
Pumps: New Look
Shirt: Tailor-made from Raymonds

From now on I will be sitting in my office all alone in a huge conference room. My only team member and friend in this new city left for good. Her absence bores me like hell...*sigh*..but I know this too shall pass! 

This outfit is like a reminder of the times when I use to dress up in all formals. Although it's challenging and fun to style formal wear but I am thankful that I no longer work at a place where there's a dress code to follow. 

Here's a lowdown on how to make your formal wear a little more interesting than usual:

/Don't just stick to doing a top-bottoms-shoes look. Add a least one accessory to make it less boring.

/Invest in statement pants. Best is to get your pants tailor-made. Just give an inspiration picture of your fave design to the tailor. 

/Add more colours to your formal wear collection. For example: Instead of buying in a black suit which everyone does, get a cherry red or a mustard coloured suit would make you stand you.

/Rule of thumb: Don't wear open-toe footwear with formal outfits.

/If you mostly wear shirts then invest in things like vests, belts, necklaces and bracelets in minimal designs.


Neon Mesh Cuff

My DIY itch is over! Remember I mentioned on Facebook about things that are currently inspiring me a lot. It's amusing to see how my thoughts got put into action and I created this neon mesh cuff. And this is certainly not the last time you'll see it featured on By-the-wear. I have been wearing it wherever I get a chance and it stays put so well!

You must have already know the drill after seeing the pictures...clean and simple as it look.

Here's what you will need

/A wine bottle with the mesh cover secured.
/Thread in the same colour as the mesh
/Crystals in prong setting


Take the mesh cover and fold it from both sides.


Hold the folded mesh and apply Araldite while layering both ends on each other. Keep it like that for 5 mins for the edges to paste.Then turn it back to the front side.


Decide a design and accordingly start pasting the crystals with araldite. Once done then stitch the crystals to keep them in place.


Try it on! 


When I visited Topshop....

Several times I get in this situation where I enter a shop and feel so small because of the inability to buy the expensive stuff displayed there. Well... visiting Topshop in Melbourne made me feel somewhat similar .. maybe a little worse... :(  Imagine a fashion lover surviving in a place where everywhere she see delicious clothing, yummy details but with eyebrow-raising price tag along. 

After shuffling my fingers through jackets, tops, short (oh what shorts they had!) and realizing that I cannot buy anything from the store, I started to walk out. Then at a corner I saw this little satchel lying. $36 didn't sound too bad to pay for a Topshop satchel in my fave colour.

Mini Satchel: Topshop

.......and since then I have had it everywhere in my mind..... thoughts like what will I pair it with, OMG! I own a Topshop satchel, this will go perfectly with my Nike sneakers, etc. make me imagine it while I do my daily chores! Although I don't mind it lingering in my mind till the time I pair it with something interesting 


White and Florals

Crop top bought from here
Zara pants
Rose gold chain necklace worn as bracelet: Lovisa
Bag: River Island
Patent Black Pumps: New Look
Behind me: Bangalore right after a heavy shower

This jacket was another buy from Melbourne..! It was not difficult to find a floral print jacket in a city dotted with stores, abundant in bright florals. Once belonging to the 70's, floral prints are now experiencing a high tide in the pool of new trends.

I should probably be talking more about the jacket but this starkly simple white crop top is what's making you notice that! I wouldn't say that every top in my closet is a fave but there's something about this white high neck crop top. I am so love struck!

Talking about white...here's a real simple tip that keeps my whites stay white: Make sure you wash just the whites together. Yes not even those light coloured ones should be clubbed with these. That's it! What you get is nothing but forever flawless whites.

So..after spending sometime experimenting with different prints and colours I feel I am drifting to a phase where I will mostly do monochrome dressing. Lets see...