O Sole Mia!

Year by year I have pushed my shopping boundaries but have never in my life felt so contented like I feel as 2014 began. The urge of just expanding my wardrobe is no longer there (now that my man’s wardrobe is also getting used). I feel like that is an achievement in itself for a woman..! And I am in the mood to celebrate this new me through Bythewear. 

Wow times have been crossing by me since the New Year started. I recently got to style Mia's latest collection and chose a pair of earrings and a ring. Like my humble basics, their designs too were striking yet simple that all I had to do is just wear and let them speak for themselves. The designs so effortlessly became a part of all my looks. 

Out of their latest collection, picking up these pieces came as reflex. The not-so-perfectly done circular design of the earrings reflected my not-so-proper style aptly. Equally outstanding was the ring! Diamante studded polygonal ends, not meeting unlike other everyday rings. Where do find such contemporary designs in India?!

Essentially this post demands major attention from our men. Boys! If you are struggling with what-to-gift-her dilemma then Mia is one word that you need to google. Mia offers 14 karat gold jewellery instead of the pocket-bombarding 22 karat and being a Tanishq brand it clears all our doubts of authenticity too. Now you know where to turn your steering for every Happy ‘whatever’ day! :D And happy ‘her’ many a times equal a happy life!


  1. May 2014 be beautiful and blessed for you! Love the pictures!

  2. Thanks Karishma! Wish you the same!