It's all for comfort...

Inner - H&M racer-back
Dress - Nevada (vintage)
Shoes - Nike
Sunglasses - Aldo
I see everybody wearing sneakers here in Melbourne. Sometimes I even see people wearing active wear to office. We have been naming it sporty chic, luxe sport, minimal or give it the latest 'it' term, #normcore, but it all unjumbles to comfort. I wonder how much business the sporty chic trend has given to the likes of Nike and New Balance. These brands have now come up with trainers in muted and pastel tones unlike their bright classics. I guess, who cares as long as they can replace heels. Well, I am resisting to stay away from this new tide in the fashion ocean. So saying no to the not-made-for-running trainers, I will work my regular Nike shoes to run around for groceries. 

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  1. Love the pics, great look :)