St. Kilda Festival 2015

My blogger daydream of visiting a Coachella-esque event came alive last Sunday. St. Kilda Festival became a mirror image of palm tree rows with a retro giant wheel behind. It was a real treat to all my weekdays-sucked organs. Kickass-ingly foot tapping music, Pinterest-worthy street style, appetizing boards directing towards free watermelon (which we couldn't get to eat by the way) and fabulous Aussie summer to go along... all of this was happening right next to the beach., awesome sauce..! 


  1. liked the pictures... Feel like being a part of St. Kilda festival. :))

  2. These photographs are REALLY AMAZING! You are SO talented! Specially stunning are no.3,4,7 and 12

  3. Its amazing to see how you put up such a great collection of pictures. The way you described it..seemed like i attended the festival myself...you are amazing :))

    1. Hey Priya! Thanks a lot for this beautiful comment.

  4. Positive photos. :)
    I follow you :)
    I invite on my blog :)

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