The coldest June

H&M dress and tights
Old bag bought from Auroville. India
Vintage fur key chain

Its been a crazy life lately. We got back from almost a month-long trip to India last Sunday and a few minutes before I started to write this post, Mr. Hubby asked me to look up for some good holiday destinations in Melbourne. The madness really got into us. So much to do and so many people to meet that time just kept slipping away!
The 3 week long headache is finally over and I am happily back in Ozland. This is my first winter in Melbourne and till now the coldest ever. Even too much layering doesn't seem enough. Like this one, where I am wearing a top under a pure wool high neck. Over it there's a long dress and finally an Alpaca sweater.  I couldn't miss the tights even after this heavy layering. Again, did not really put my brains into this outfit. Layering comes naturally with the cold. The more random it is, the better it looks!


  1. it hasn't been super cold yet (last winter I had to wear thermals most days just to keep warm!) but you definitely have to wear lots of layers during winter in Melbourne- which is always good for creativity and dreaming up new outfits!


    1. I know right! Although it is the coldest winter I have ever witnessed but I still love all the layering I can do while it's there.

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