Hawkeye Vintage

Even on the coldest Sunday Melbourne has had in past 20 years, the day turned out to be quite action-packed. We shot these super hot pieces from Hawkeye Vintage, a local vintage couture company, sourcing the highest quality designer brands from around the globe. The 'hawk-eye' picked lurex dress made me feel no less than a 70s music star. But the real star was the cropped wool jacket I propped over my shoulders. Pure wool jackets with quality tailoring have become a rare-find these days. I am still distracted by the one-off collection of outerwear I saw at their warehouse. Luckily they are hosting a three-day pop-up event where I can get to see all those hero pieces I have lingering on my mind. Starts tomorrow.. be there!


The winning dream

Vans shoes
Bangles from Udaipur
I have dreamed to wear Pero ever since I sat for their first show and the India trip gave me a chance to collaborate with my favourite designer. Felt so special wearing this handmade piece all soaked-up in love. And don't even get me started on talking about the craftsmanship. Hand-stitched button holes and embroidered flowers blooming all across it and yet felt so breezy even under the scorching 40-degree weather, this dress put a big smile on my face. After getting a closer look at a few pieces in real, I now understand how Pero signifies 'love' in all of their collections. You feel truly loved by the maker of the garment and the dress really communicated the great effort that's put in to create every bit of its detail. A deep bow to you Pero.


The coldest June

H&M dress and tights
Old bag bought from Auroville. India
Vintage fur key chain

Its been a crazy life lately. We got back from almost a month-long trip to India last Sunday and a few minutes before I started to write this post, Mr. Hubby asked me to look up for some good holiday destinations in Melbourne. The madness really got into us. So much to do and so many people to meet that time just kept slipping away!
The 3 week long headache is finally over and I am happily back in Ozland. This is my first winter in Melbourne and till now the coldest ever. Even too much layering doesn't seem enough. Like this one, where I am wearing a top under a pure wool high neck. Over it there's a long dress and finally an Alpaca sweater.  I couldn't miss the tights even after this heavy layering. Again, did not really put my brains into this outfit. Layering comes naturally with the cold. The more random it is, the better it looks!