Autumn/ Winter by Puma

Like always Puma surprised me again. With the release of their Autumn/Winter collection the brand showcased a whole new theme this time. Some of the stuff is so good that I couldn't resist styling a few faves. Up first is the spilled skull print jacket from the Subaru collection that almost made me skip a heartbeat. No seriously, do you expect a sport wear brand to go this print-crazy? It's mostly colours (brights in this sense) that they experiment with. Furthermore, the animal print track pants were a spot-on right when I saw it in the outlet.
ok! Who else has been looking for wedge sneakers (not the overseen Velcro strap ones)? For me it all ended when I spotted a exactly-what-I-wanted Puma pair in their lookbook. Nothing says SEXY quite like it. Now shopping can't be stopped, won't be stopped!! :D

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  1. I love it.

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