From Bata, With Love!

Yes I know that I shouldn't be talking about any of the everywhere seen, available, mass products on my supposedly presumed high-street-style blog but if I don't then I will be fooling myself. May be I am a little too late to talk about the most seen footwear on Indian streets. Everyone knows about the perforated plastic ballerinas from Bata!

My relocation from Delhi to Bangalore (coz I just got married!) made me notice a lot of difference in how north and south Indians do their everyday dressing. But the moment I saw this girl wearing these at a bus stop. It uncannily made me nostalgic about me leaving my hometown and shifting to B'lore for good. There have been days in Delhi when I had seen them on every 10th female I came across. Lame but a reason good enough for me to mention it here, on the blog.
It's strange how some designs move our everyday life. Bata ballerinas did it in the true sense of the same!

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  1. love these ballerinas...looks gud one everything and are so much helpful during monasoons... thumbs up for this ine...