And there will be shoes!

Mesh Sandals: Wittner
Black Pumps: New Look

 Melbourne got me exposed to a lot of things which I only saw in pictures. I found out that there are places where almost everybody (including beggars too) is stylish. I lived my dream to dress in my own style every single day. This temporary freedom resulted in a not so pocket-friendly purchase of two pairs of shoes. I went to see almost thrice to the store but  just thought of being more sure if I should buy it or not...and I bought it.

The one with mesh detailing is from Wittner which was on 50% sale but still costed a bomb. And after a lot of self-brainstorming I concluded that I don't want to regret not buying these before I leave Melbourne.... so I handed over the credit card to the attendant :)

The second is an overseen pair of patent black pumps which I bought because 'I needed these' ( a standard shoe-lover phenomenon)!  :)

Although this was a huge investment in my shoe closet but I rather buy one quality pair than wasting money on 10 cheap ones. ..oops.. let me correct that.. I meant 2 quality pairs... :P

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  1. What's more regret-worthy?

    Looking at the credit card statement after buying the shoes or dreaming about the shoes even after leaving Melbourne?

    1. Well...I would rather regret about my CC :D

  2. wow...dont talk abt more shoes Shelly...I am loving the block heeled one...sigh!


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