Denim never dies

I never invest in any sort of cropped versions of denims. I cannot recall a single time when I bought shorts or capris for myself. But yes I have shamelessly over indulged myself in the denim cheese. Already own 10 pairs of jeans and my heart can any day melt for a would be 11th pair even when I am out for shopping groceries.

The bottom line is that Denims are not meant to be thrown. They reincarnate as the time passes. I mean since the time I exist (which I assume it's not too long), the bell-bottoms got reborn thrice and skinnies made a reappearance twice. Even the not-for-everyone high-waisted ones did a fair business twice during this time.

Here's a couple of oldies in my wardrobe that I wish to talk about.

This one came as bell-bottoms but after a couple of years it's wide bottoms went through a liposuction and the jeans turned into a straight-fit pair. I wish I had a picture of mine wearing these. And after 5 long years of usage when my legs came through a trail of squat and lunge sets then this darling became my boyfriend (jeans). It's one of the veteran stars of my wardrobe.

These came as dark skinnies and did a good job to disguise my thunderous thighs and I used and abused it with every seperate that I can think of. Then I got slim and these got loose. Couldn't part away with the comfort that this pair gave. So I decided to chop them into shorts. Trust me I don't even think of buying shorts.

Now talking about the two in the picture below. The light blue Levis is my guy's. These were rescued when he was about to pass it on to the washer man! Well, I still haven't decided what I will do with them but this oldie is too cool to be given away like that. Isn't it!?
The Lee one is in the process of getting DIYed. Will share in one of the upcoming posts very soon.

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