Autumn/Winter by Pero

It was a short six minute conversation with Aneeth Arora and she was kind enough to answer all the questions that I had in mind about her recent work. Her Autumn/Winter 2014 collection was like a journey through misty-full dreams. Sticking to similar elements that characterizes her collection it was another mesmerising collection in WIFW that showcased her versatility. Here’s what she had to say…

You have been using Gingham checks almost every season. What makes her so fond of the print/weave so much?
Aneeth: I draw a lot of inspiration from historical costumes. If you see these eons old pieces you will notice an extensive use of gingham checks as inside lining and tracing. I also noticed that the same fabric was used to repair torn patches of these clothes. Also, weaving this type of checks is the easiest of all others.

Is it challenging to stick to one print (Gingham let’s say) and always built a different story around it?

Aneeth: If you see my previous collections, you will always find Gingham checks but used in completely different ways.

Everybody was extremely happy to get the goodies at the show! What was thought behind giving 1 meter of flannel to every audience?

Aneeth: The idea was to transport everyone to the Autumn/Winter season. I had also requested the FDCI for temperature reduction in the hall. I wanted people to actually be a part of the show and not just sit in isolation. The 1 meter fabric that was a part of the press kit is not as refined as I have used in my collection. I carefully chose the prints for these fabrics and tried keeping them similar to what I have used.

Does street style inspire you? Is there any one person whose personal style has influenced your collection?
Aneeth: Street style from rural areas has always been my source of inspiration. There is a weaver in Kutch called Shyam Ji Bhai. I really like the way he drapes his shawls. Everytime I see his personal style, I try to incorporate it in my next collection.

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