Rishta by Arjun Saluja

When I sat down to watch Arjun Saluja in WIFW for the first time, I didn’t really know what to expect. But just when the first ensemble came parading on the ramp, it was a jaw dropping moment for me... With so many brilliant pieces out there, my mind was charged up with all the imaginary outfits for the next fall/winter. Keeping the silhouettes simple, Arjun has experimented with darting and paneling. He also paid homage to the centuries old Pakistani Khais and built up the prints for the collection around it. I awarded the sari with zippered blouse the protagonist of the show but with the strong supporting role of one-of-a-kind sleeve detailing Arjun’s story... Fantastic..!

p.s. thanks for the pictures Nilesh.

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  1. The zippered blouse saree is genius. I just cant stop raving about it.