By the Blue..


H&M Maxi

By now you all know about my ever-growing love for Auroville. The place just sets the right environment for leaving every worry away and soak in all the peace around you. Catching a late Friday train to Pondicherry and coming back before the week begins has become an every month thing now. Since last three visits we have been staying in Samarpan, a beautiful resort right next to the beach. For hours I can look at the sea while countless thoughts cross my mind. Apart from giving a wonderful view of the beach, the place has Blacky (the big-cute dog) and three monochrome cats too. So if you are an animal lover or just miss to play around with your distant pet, a visit to this place is a must. As for me, well if life is a beach, my home is Auroville.

P.S. Putting a flower in my hair was unintentional. Although it did lift up the whole look in a nice way.


  1. beautiful :)


  2. Such a coincidence! staying close to the beach and walking barefoot on its sand the whole day is all that I can think about off late. I even posted about it in my blog! I have been to Auroville a couple of times myself, but we have always stayed in the place called Saranga, which though not anywhere close to the beach is definitely one of the most beautiful places to stay there.. I will definitely check out Samarpan next when I go. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Coming to your dress..its lovely!! Just what is needed when you are next to the beach is a long flowy maxi dress. I love the print pattern on yours and that huge flower just brought everything together so beautifully.

    1. Thanks a lot! Would also recommend you to go to the Visitor's center if you haven't visited already. A great place to shop handmade goodies.

  3. Aaah! Maxis & the beach.........you've got me dreaming now.... *sigh*
    I have been planning a Pondi trip since so long! Looks like it's time to just do it! Thanks for the inspiration!! :)

    1. That's great.. I would seriously suggest you do that.. :)

  4. I love the resort in south India,specially in pondy, it is a great city!love it!
    You look amazing !
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