The pyjama denims

Taylor-made denims
Black and white stripe top: Marks & Spencer
Mocha and black stripe top: Forever21
ASOS Booties

I am among many of those girls who keep cribbing about skin-hugging denims becoming unbearable during summers. Yet there’s nothing as essential as a pair of jeans even during the hot and sultry summers. So as soon as February ended, I got into a denim-dilemma-solving state of mind and got these tailor made! I call them denim pyjamas. You can give it your own name but all I can tell you is that I can sleep, run and live in this extraordinarily comfortable piece. My chill pill to the season of sunshine!


On my mind!

Did any of you notice my new found love for pastels? When favourite colours take favourite shapes, then a wishlist is born. And obviously I found all of these at ASOS! Anybody feeling generous?


By the Blue..


H&M Maxi

By now you all know about my ever-growing love for Auroville. The place just sets the right environment for leaving every worry away and soak in all the peace around you. Catching a late Friday train to Pondicherry and coming back before the week begins has become an every month thing now. Since last three visits we have been staying in Samarpan, a beautiful resort right next to the beach. For hours I can look at the sea while countless thoughts cross my mind. Apart from giving a wonderful view of the beach, the place has Blacky (the big-cute dog) and three monochrome cats too. So if you are an animal lover or just miss to play around with your distant pet, a visit to this place is a must. As for me, well if life is a beach, my home is Auroville.

P.S. Putting a flower in my hair was unintentional. Although it did lift up the whole look in a nice way.


La Abiding Citizen

Hand painted Tee

“Haan ji? Kya? Ki gall hai? Chase kar rahe ho sir ji aap mera. Subah se dekh raha hun main. Sau (100) number ghuma dena hai maine! Baad mein mut bolna.”

“Please don’t misunderstand me! I am a la abiding citizen!”


Autumn/Winter by Pero

It was a short six minute conversation with Aneeth Arora and she was kind enough to answer all the questions that I had in mind about her recent work. Her Autumn/Winter 2014 collection was like a journey through misty-full dreams. Sticking to similar elements that characterizes her collection it was another mesmerising collection in WIFW that showcased her versatility. Here’s what she had to say…

You have been using Gingham checks almost every season. What makes her so fond of the print/weave so much?
Aneeth: I draw a lot of inspiration from historical costumes. If you see these eons old pieces you will notice an extensive use of gingham checks as inside lining and tracing. I also noticed that the same fabric was used to repair torn patches of these clothes. Also, weaving this type of checks is the easiest of all others.

Is it challenging to stick to one print (Gingham let’s say) and always built a different story around it?

Aneeth: If you see my previous collections, you will always find Gingham checks but used in completely different ways.

Everybody was extremely happy to get the goodies at the show! What was thought behind giving 1 meter of flannel to every audience?

Aneeth: The idea was to transport everyone to the Autumn/Winter season. I had also requested the FDCI for temperature reduction in the hall. I wanted people to actually be a part of the show and not just sit in isolation. The 1 meter fabric that was a part of the press kit is not as refined as I have used in my collection. I carefully chose the prints for these fabrics and tried keeping them similar to what I have used.

Does street style inspire you? Is there any one person whose personal style has influenced your collection?
Aneeth: Street style from rural areas has always been my source of inspiration. There is a weaver in Kutch called Shyam Ji Bhai. I really like the way he drapes his shawls. Everytime I see his personal style, I try to incorporate it in my next collection.



Here's another round of styling that I did for Lee. It was great styling them all but half of my heart is still stuck on to the jacquard one that you see here. With the market flooded with printed denims, this one really makes a great pair for those who are looking for something more than prints. I paired it with a blue button down shirt dress (I am yet to talk about this piece in my future posts) to let the blue-cool-ness prevail throughout the ensemble. Also this pair is by far the lightest denims I have ever worn! 

The animal print one got me thinking, but when paired it with a simple white shirt I figured it's utility is quite unmatched. It is a refreshing update for my blue-denim-bursting wardrobe. And I believe it's the first reversible denim that I have come across in the market. It's an awesome two for one deal I'd say..! 


Meet me by the lamp post...

Two questions struck my mind when I held the goody kit at Aneeth Arora's show at WIFW. Why did the designer decide to give one meter of flannel to everybody who came for the show? and what can I make out of this piece? Nonetheless I was thrilled to get this cute gift because the piece felt like one of the rare pieces from Aneeth meticulously crafted collection. It felt really special! So I decided that before giving shape to this checkered fabric, I must say a big thanks to the designer who has been as thoughtful to her guests as she has been with her creations.

This white pin tucks tunic and waistcoat fell in place as I draped the checks around my waist. Nothing could have been better than a flip book to tell Aneeth's story for Autumn Winter 2014. 

P.S. Details of the collection will be up in the next post.


Rishta by Arjun Saluja

When I sat down to watch Arjun Saluja in WIFW for the first time, I didn’t really know what to expect. But just when the first ensemble came parading on the ramp, it was a jaw dropping moment for me... With so many brilliant pieces out there, my mind was charged up with all the imaginary outfits for the next fall/winter. Keeping the silhouettes simple, Arjun has experimented with darting and paneling. He also paid homage to the centuries old Pakistani Khais and built up the prints for the collection around it. I awarded the sari with zippered blouse the protagonist of the show but with the strong supporting role of one-of-a-kind sleeve detailing Arjun’s story... Fantastic..!

p.s. thanks for the pictures Nilesh.


DFX by Lee

 Before I jump on to talk about my post-WIFW blues, let me tell you that this five days of madness has become the most awaited event for me. I am only three fashion weeks old but already so addicted to it. And this one became even more special not only because I got to meet my favourite designers, made countless friends but also because Anaita Shroff Adajania (Vogue’s fashion director) herself asked for my card. The experience was magical!

A week back I spoke about a style challenge that I did with Lee Jeans. Here are the first two looks.

This laser-printed polka dot kinda pair instantly reminded me of bandhani (tie and die) print and its colour happens to be just right for Indian summer. In order to let the print talk I teamed it with a simple white top with some tan accents. The vintage-inspired belt and peep-toe booties became my first choice for accessories.

This pair becomes the first ombre piece in my wardrobe. Did you notice how the button is also keep in the same shade of blue? Appreciating this little detail, I decided to team it with a similar-hued blue shirt. I wanted the top to blend in with the denims to make it an ombre centric ensemble. 

I also got to speak to the brand’s design team and found out what lies behind this new collection.

What has been the inspiration behind the latest collection?
For the longest time, the play in women’s fashion has largely been restricted to top wear, with denims playing a more basic, neutral role. Trends or innovations in denimwear have largely been restricted to experimenting with fits and washes.
But over the last few seasons, trends such as colored denim and prints going rampant across all categories of fashion are a clear indicator that today’s consumer is more willing to experiment than ever before, making printed denims a natural progression of sorts to cater to this new appetite of the consumers. And this is also a global trend, and you will only see it increasing over the coming season.

Did the design team get inspired by street style for this collection?
Today’s young women are more confident in their choices and who want to stand out. We believe this collection complements the attitude and sense of style of young women today who are able to celebrate their femininity and do so with a strong, independent, modern edge. Their wardrobes can be styled any which way – be it street style or high couture wear and we wanted this collection also to be versatile enough to reflect that.

 I read that super-fine narrow stitching technique has been used for denims. How different it is from the regular stitch and does it affect the durability of denim?
Yes, we have made the stitches really sleek. But this is more of a styling element to give it a feminine look. There is no impact on durability as such.