Meet me by the lamp post...

Two questions struck my mind when I held the goody kit at Aneeth Arora's show at WIFW. Why did the designer decide to give one meter of flannel to everybody who came for the show? and what can I make out of this piece? Nonetheless I was thrilled to get this cute gift because the piece felt like one of the rare pieces from Aneeth meticulously crafted collection. It felt really special! So I decided that before giving shape to this checkered fabric, I must say a big thanks to the designer who has been as thoughtful to her guests as she has been with her creations.

This white pin tucks tunic and waistcoat fell in place as I draped the checks around my waist. Nothing could have been better than a flip book to tell Aneeth's story for Autumn Winter 2014. 

P.S. Details of the collection will be up in the next post.