The Tree of Us

Bag from Auroville
I am one of those newly-turned-non-vegetarian vegetarians who has tried salami but will always hesitate at first and who possibly loves chicken more than born meat eaters but will frown at the sight of 'lovely legs'... 
Yes it's a complicated affair... but an unplanned visit to a small cozy cafe in Melbourne has possibly settled this. The Tree of Us sounds like just one of the many thousand bistro cafes in Melbourne with a name that has a touch of bohemian spirit. You may not even think highly of the place where its located. But... BUT, when you dig into that burger they serve, the one single thought that strikes you is that when did I last taste something this awesome..! Its a burger that fills your hands, your mouth and your tummy in a way that burgers are meant to... since then I am not surprised to learn that this is a burger-lovers paradise. We tried 'Break the Fast' and one of their 'Specials' and got lost in the flavours. While still feeling my mouth water after finishing it, I can honestly say that I am converted.

Another attention-worthy thing besides 'Break the Fast' is my new Monki jumper. With waves all over, its going to be my new cover up for the upcoming beach holiday.