Summer chill

Strangely, this time, God heard me when I unknowingly wished for winter during the suppose-to-be-sunny times of Melbourne. The Aussies love their summers and will hate me if they read this. No wonder, this is the coolest summer witnessed in 40 years. The outerwear could hardly make it to the drycleaners.

So, I here am, layering in all its glory. All dark hues with a stark patch of white covering high till the neck. And how about maxi skirt replacing distressed denims? It’s sexier than those overseen torn patches. If only you keep the boots on.


  1. Enjoy the cool summers!! I wish we could get the same here!!

  2. Love d way u styled this outfit n U are BEAUTIFUL... Love d fact u take pics without any make up..
    How many of us can do that??