Take a chance

A confession. I have watched 500 Days of Summer a hundred times. More than I adore watching Joseph Gordon's dimples, my eyes stuck on Zooey Deschanel's cute bangs. And every time after have finished watching the movie, rolling-front-hair-into-fringe session have always followed. Anyway, bangs are all-cute but I absurdly believe that one needs to have golden hair, tiny leaf-like lips and a thin face to look born-with-bangs. At least thrice I have talked myself into getting it done but it was twice that the stylists majorly showed their doubts. The third time I went to an icecream parlour instead. Just this time a friend really convinced me to try getting them at least once. The thought really hit me. If they don't look good, my hair will not stop growing. I took a chance. Chose Shibui as the salon I could trust on. And here I am, smiling under this soft bush, loving it every time I brush it with my hands. Guessing this one is going to stick around for a longer time.

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