Welcoming layers

Got new boots! Remember me mentioning about these in this post? I was eyeing on the studded ones but found this to be the perfect pair for introducing blue in my shoe closet. It's a navy in suede and leather combo and I love it! They came last weekend...so a little stiff right now but I couldn't wait to take these out with me on Saturday. It's worth getting a blister for brand new boots...isn't it! And I couldn't ask for a nicer weather. Morning started with a chill that got me into layers but in a few hours it turned into a perfect sunny day. Ask me how to under-dress a skater dress and I have the answer. Denims, boots, scarf, coat...You've all got it covered! I did peel them off once I soaked enough sun. Everybody was seen layering around in kimonos, gilets and mufflers. Like all black with a little pop of colour around the neck or stocking meeting fur meeting print - all in one outfit. And Hats! Lots of hats. Well, I can only continue writing my love for layering.


  1. The boots! The socks! The glasses!! <3

  2. I'm obsessed with layering too! And under-dressing is so much fun at times!

  3. Haha I've definitely worn my fair share of new shoes and just grinned it through the blisters - it's worth it!


  4. Nice outfit!


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